Monday, April 4, 2016

Recipe: Bison Strip Loin with Morel Mushrooms and White Asparagus

Now is the time to enjoy asparagus. A few years ago we filmed French Style Cuisine with Paul Stearman of Marcel's and he showed us how to make a delicious bison steak with white asparagus. 

4 6 oz bison strip steaks
12-16 large morel mushrooms
Minced shallots
Minced garlic
White asparagus (or green) 
Chicken Stock
Veal demi-glace or beef stock

Sautee the morel mushrooms with shallots and garlic add a little chicken stock and demi glace. Heat the blanched peeled white asparagus in butter. Sear the bison steaks, slice and pour sauce over top and serve.

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