Saturday, April 23, 2011


Initial Thoughts:
  • Recipes:  Ingredients that are accessible and recipes you'd want to make
  • Photos:  I wish there were more photos of the finished dishes.  Some of the techniques seemed a bit tricky, but could have been less intimidating with a step-by-step photo demonstration.
  • Size:  Nice large cookbook
This book gives you ideas how to make everyday recipes into something a little more special for your entertaining occasions. 

However, some of the "everyday" recipes would be suited for entertaining occasions as well.  Either way, the book is good because it gives you multiple ideas of different ways to prepare ingredients.  I loved the arugula salad with prosciutto, tomatoes, Parmesan and shallot dressing.  It was the perfect combination of flavors and a great way to start off the meal.  EVERYDAY TO ENTERTAINING: 200 Sensational Recipes that Transform from Casual to Elegant by Meredith Deeds and Carla Snyder (Robert Rose Inc.; April 2011; Softcover/$24.95; ISBN: 978-0-7788-0271-6) is full of recipes that any home cook can whip up with ease for a simple, satisfying meal, or serve with confidence at a dinner party.

All the recipes in this book come in pairs. Each dish starts with the “basic” version that is sure to please. The second recipe offers a more sophisticated take on the basic, perfect for when you need something with a bit of pizzaz. Many recipes include a section titled “The Dish” which showcases important ingredients, techniques and entertaining ideas.  In addition, for the time-pressed, they include hands-on and start to finish times as well as make-ahead notes.  Chapters include everything from appetizers to meat and poultry, fish and seafood, sides, and-- the finishing touch — desserts. 

200 Sensational Recipes that Transform from Casual to Elegant
by Meredith Deeds and Carla Snyder
Robert Rose Inc.; April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7788-0271-6

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