Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Chef Michael Nathan Adderley

The big DC Embassy Chef Competition is tomorrow.  Chef Michael Nathan Adderley is competing for the Embassy of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.   Chef Michael Nathan Adderley began his culinary studies at the Hotel Training School, run by Cornell University and Florida University. He worked at the Balmoral Beach Resort, Emerald Beach Resort, Paradise Island Resort, the Restaurant Frilsham House, the Nassau Beach Hotel, the world famous Cat Cay Club, Royal Towers, Atlantis Resort, and many more. Chef Adderley has competed in team and individual culinary competitions, bringing home many wins as both a team captain and individual competitor.  Capital Cooking asked Chef Adderley a few questions about Bahamian cuisine and the competition.
Q: What is unique about the cuisine of your home country?
A: Bahamian cuisine is simple and flavorful: food that is tasty with fresh quality.
Q: Where did you train?
A: I apprenticed at the Hyatt Emerald Beach, a 700 room resort with a 1,200 capacity ballroom.
Q: What is your favorite dish to make?
A: It’s hard to pick just one. Anything that is natural and can make a menu look splendid while keeping the item both simple and trendy.
Q: Why do you think you will make the winning dish?
A: My dish will be creative, tasty and have an island flair. More than that I can’t say.