Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Super Cute Spot for Date Night: Et Voila

Photos by Lauren DeSantis
Initial Thoughts:
  • Design and Decor:  40 seat charismatic Belgian bistro perfect for a romantic evening
  • Food:  Authentic Belgian fare with French influence
  • Drinks:  A+ for beer, wine and spirits.   
  • Prices:  Very reasonable
  • Would I go back?  Yes.  
Not only is Et Voila a date night, but the restaurant is now offering a new expanded mussel menu.  You can begin the meal with a mini-mussel burger served with sweet potato fries.  

I loved the Moules Grand Mère with savory Smoked Bacon and Cream and the Mussels with Sea Urchin Cream and Lemongrass.  Et Voila uses Blue Bay Mussels, known for their subtle brine and flavorful meatiness. All mussel pots are served with Et Voila’s fries, which are fresh-cut to order using Russet Burbank potatoes.  Yum! 
We paired the mussels with a Bavik pilsner.  
Not only does Et Voila make some amazing mussels, but Chef Claudio Pirollo also cooks a fabulous rib-eye steak paired with a Chateau Bujan Merlot.  
Make sure to save room for Chef Mickael Cornu's amazing dessert including Grandma's Almond Cream Pear Tart with Hoegaarden Beer Ice Cream.  
We paired our desserts with Diep 9 Genever.  
I'll be back soon for seconds.  So if you're craving mussels or are looking for an intimate place to go on a date, check out Et Voila.  

(202) 237-2300
5120 Macarthur Blvd NW
Washington, DC 20016
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