Friday, May 20, 2011

DC Beer Has Got It Going On

I recently returned to the United States after a four-month study abroad experience, in which I not only hit the books, toured many countries, but also sampled many beers from Europe along the way. Yet after tasting some incredible brews from England and Prague, the apparent beer capital of the world, I was anxious to return to the USA to see how the local brews in Europe compared to those in DC. I was pleasantly surprised by what I tasted on May 19, as I visited and sampled an array of beers at the Celebrate American Craft Beer Week at Smith Commons.

Thursday evening’s event, comically titled “No Taxation Without Fermentation!,” featured a brew called DC Brau, a brand specifically distilled in the District. Yet after tasting a selection of featured beers, I settled upon one that really interested me. The Corruption made its DC debut that night, and I happily sat back and enjoyed it while experiencing the sophisticated yet jovial crowd. One half of me expected the event to be filled with college students looking for a delicious alternative to their often-consumed Natty Lights and Keystones. Instead there were an impressive group of 20-somethings who were down-to-earth and friendly. Not only did I hear a conversation between biologists, but also graduate students and business people. Definitely not the hipster crowd, either, that the other half of me expected when I entered the bar.

The Corruption, an India Pale Ale (IPA), was very smooth and easy to drink. The initial smell was fruity; I was almost expecting something heavier because of its namesake, but even from the smell I could tell it was a light beer. The taste was definitely fruity, just as I had thought. Rather than a Belgian Fruli-type beer, which has a strong strawberry flavor to it, the Corruption had a mango and tropical flavor. It was a relaxing drink, with lots of flavor; it was not watered down, either, which was a relief. Conversely, the flavor wasn’t overly intense, either. Instead, the fruity and tropical flavor, paired with the perfect amount of hops, made the experience enjoyable and pleasant. The Corruption, just 6% alcohol, would be great to pair with a salad or something zesty to enhance its taste.

Since the Corruption should be hitting bars soon, I’d definitely recommend going out and having one…or a few. The “No Taxation Without Fermentation!” event proved to be successful, as different beers distinct to the District were premiered and enjoyed by many.

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