Monday, May 23, 2011

Event: DC gets a taste of New Nordic Cuisine!

Photos by Emily Clack
I began my exploration of New Nordic Cuisine in Iceland, but now you will have the chance to get a taste right here in DC.    Lucky for you, the embassies of the Nordic countries are bringing the region’s best and most creative chefs to the United States for the very first time.  Don't miss the Nordic Food Days June 19-26th!

Washingtonians will be invited to experience food prepared by five of the world’s best chefs from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden over the course of one week.

While introducing New Nordic Food on the Washington restaurant scene, the chefs will also participate in culinary events all over the metropolitan area. The program includes exclusive culinary master classes, food demonstrations and other food related happenings. 

New Nordic Cuisine reflects a back to basics approach to cooking. It is celebrated for its purity, simplicity, freshness and its original take on traditional dishes and for letting the ingredients shine.

New Nordic Food reflects the changing seasons, and a modern, healthy, and sustainable approach to cooking that benefits nature, people, and society as a whole. In short, New Nordic Food is high quality food with no fuss.  

The overwhelming success of New Nordic Cuisine within the international culinary community means that today the Nordic region hosts some of the world’s best chefs, as well as many Michelin rated restaurants where patrons can enjoy the organic, fresh and seasonal ingredients of the region.

Nordic Food Days is a joint event among the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, with the support of Nordic Innovation Centre. The event is the first of its kind, bringing world class chefs representing the Nordic countries together in the United States.

Meet the Chefs: 

Denmark:  Mads Refslund

Chef Refslund has been one of the driving forces in Danish gastronomy and New Nordic Food. He was part of the team that started Noma, known as the San Pellegrino “Worlds Best Restaurant”, and later started the MR restaurant, getting his Michelin star as a pure fish and vegetable chef. Mads is known for his playful, light and feminine cuisine, and his passion for using vegetables, seafood and fish as key ingredients.


Finland:  Hans Välimäki and Petteri Luoto

Chef Luoto studied at Turku Restaurant College and has worked at restaurants in Helsinki, Turku and Göteborg. He was elected Chef of the Year in 1998 and was Finland's representative in Bocuse d´Or, twice as a Chef and once as an assistant. He was the winner of the Gold Medal in 2005. During the years, he has made study trips to USA, China, France, Italy, England, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc. 

Chef Välimäki started his kitchen career at the early age of 12 by baking pulla (a type of Finnish pastry) for his friends. He is the owner and chef at Chez Dominique since 1998. The restaurant received its first Michelin Star in 2001 and the second star in 2003. Chef Välimäki became Restaurateur of The Year in 2003 by International Food & Beverage Forum. He has written several cookbooks and is the head judge of the tv show "Top Chef Finland" 2011.
Iceland:  Siggi Hall
Chef Hall has been one of the leading personalities in the Icelandic and Nordic cuisine for over 20 years. He is a popular media person and celebrity chef, thanks to the many traveling and cooking shows he has hosted in Iceland and other countries. He has both run a successful kitchen and been an executive chef in Iceland and Norway. He has been instrumental in most of the major Icelandic official functions. He was nominated as an Ambassador for New Nordic Food by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2006.

Norway:  Geir Skeie

In 2009, 28-year old Norwegian Chef Geir Skeie became an international cooking sensation when he led the Norwegian team to a gold medal at the Bocuse d’Or – the Olympics for Chefs. Among his other prestigious prizes are: Chef of the Year 2007, the World Cup in Luxembourg with Chef League, and the Norway Cooking Championship. When he is not at his restaurant in Sandefjord, Norway, he is a food consultant and participates in cooking events worldwide. His cookbook From Childhood to the Bocuse d’Or was published in 2009.

Sweden:  Tommy Myllymäki

Chef Myllymäki is the 2011 silver medalist of one of the world’s most prestigious cuisine contests Bocuse d’Or. He was classically trained at one of Sweden's highly recognized culinary schools, and has worked with many acclaimed chefs and restaurants in Scandinavia, such as Noma in Denmark. He is the owner of two successful restaurants in Sweden and received national recognition 2007 as Chef of the Year in Sweden. He is known for combining his Swedish heritage and passion for seasonal ingredients which is evident in his cuisine’s fine and distinct flavors.

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