Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thursday Night Pizza

Pizza is an American staple. Recently, I read a book featuring the in's and out's of pizza, Thursday Night Pizza. Father Dominic Garamone wrote this book outlining his favorite pizza recipes. The book contains recipes for appetizers, sauces, crusts, pizzas, and dessert pizzas.

  • Enjoyed the narrative approach, rather than just listing
  • Could use more images
  • Enjoyed Father Dominic's notes within the recipes
  • Great mix of recipes (traditional and out-of-the-box)

Pizza basics: Father Dominic includes a section called Pizza Basics - everything you need to know about making pizza. Father Dominic does a great job teaching his readers how to make pizza (what to do, what to avoid, etc) by using a narrative approach. He tells stories of his pizza nights with his dear friends, and throughout the stories, readers get Father Dominic's tips when it comes to making pizza. He also gives short notes on what he likes to do with the recipe. His notes allow readers to envision different options, such as what kind of party his recipe is best suited for.

A quick taste of Father Dominic: Pizza Divalo: a devilishly hot pizza, with Tobasco, hot sausage, onions, extra spicy giardiiniera, jalapenos, mozzarella, and pepper jack cheese.

Overall Thoughts: The book has a pizza for every occasion. If you are a person who loves traditional pizza and/or experimenting with your taste-buds, this is a book for you! Great for your next party or lazy movie night with friends!

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