Sunday, September 18, 2011

SAX Fall Menu

SAX opened in May of 2011 and faced some controversy surrounding provocative political murals. The plan was to rotate the art installations to push the envelope. Sadly, they've repainted the political pieces and made them more thought provoking and less provocative.

Aside from the seductive ambiance, SAX is releasing a new fall menu complements of chef Jonathan Sinengen. I was excited to see the revamped art and taste the new menu.

SAX has to be the most over the top restaurant with the most attention to detail in the city. Once you enter the two-story restaurant it’s like stepping directly into a 1930s burlesque club. You'll be amazed by the gold leaf from floor to ceiling and the red velvet curtains that lead into the dining room. The most unique aspect of SAX is the giant glass enclosed infinity stage that sits above the bar, where a local burlesque/cabaret show runs throughout the evening. As for the murals, they are definitely toned down, but not lacking in talking points.

The new fall menu did not disappoint.  I was very impressed with everything that touched my taste buds. The specialty drink menu was amazing with drinks ranging from refreshing to spicy .  The wine list is extensive with a focus on regional wines. Chef Sinengen’s food was delicious.  He showcased a variety of ingredients throughout the evening, including:  range honey dew, fresh tomatoes, sea bass, and lamb. The highlight for me was the lamb which was packed with Mediterranean spices.

SAX may not be the right fit of a quick Tuesday night dinner, but if your looking for a restaurant that’s something special and out of the ordinary to take a group of friends, SAX’s is the perfect place. You can even stay late and sample the delicious drinks and entertainment until close at 2 a.m.  
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