Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thailand: Chiang Mai's Sunday Market and Gallery Restaurant

Our first dinner in Chiang Mai was at The Gallery Restaurant located on the eastern bank of the Ping River.  Hillary Clinton dined there before.  The building was built in 1892 and is one of the oldest original wooden structures in Chiang Mai.   

The food was good.  We started with Gai Pun Ooy which is minced chicken on sugar cane sticks.  I also liked the tasty spring rolls.  We tried a green curry dish with chicken, vegetables in an oyster sauce, shrimp with mushrooms and a squid dish.   

They brought us a beautiful assorted fruit plate for dessert.  Overall we had a nice experience at The Gallery.

Warning:  You’ll be surrounded by lots of tourists.  If you’re going for authentic, might not be the right choice.  If you want the charm of riverside dining, The Gallery is worth a try.  

After enjoying a comforting meal, we were ready for some shopping.  Chiang Mai's Sunday Walking Street Market is located in Old Town, (the area with the old city wall and the moat). On Sundays around 4pm, the city closes off the entire street (which stretches for at least a mile), plus other streets off the main road.  This market is great.  The merchandise is all handcrafted from local village people at low prices.  You’ll find lots of locals shopping there as well.  We got some beautiful wooden items.  We had a really fun time walking around. 

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