Friday, December 2, 2011

Thinking of Drinking: Warm Winter Cocktails

Tis the season to warm up while you sip.  There are some fabulous spots around town that will help you do just that.

The signature winter cocktails, each $15 by the glass, feature seasonal holiday flavors to warm you up by Joe Ambrose and Marco.  

Hot Apple Butter Rum:  This cocktail was on the sweeter side, but one of my favorites.  It is made by fat washing Cruzan rum with butter and then making the apple base with apple butter, holiday spices, lemon, and water.  The butter makes it silky smooth.
Whiskey Skin:  Although, I'm not usually a huge fan of scotch, this is a drink you could sip all night because it isn't too sweet. Any “Skin” is just a combination of spirit, sugar, citrus peel, and hot water.  This is a true classic.  

Pumpkin Cider:   This drink is made with pumpkin puree, milk, apple cider and vodka.  

Sheridan’s coffee:  This is a hot blend of java, Jameson, brown sugar and cream.  POV aims to keep it simple and stick with the classics.

Fitzgerald Crawford ($14):  Mixologist, Stephen Oshana, makes this warm delight is with Maison Rouge Cognac infused with cloves and cinnamon, apple shrub and burnt orange peel foam.  It is amazing!  I learned so many fun tips for making shrubs.  Shrubs are old-fashioned sweet-and-sour drinks made tart with vinegar. They haven’t been in fashion since probably the 1800s, but Stephen is bringing them back as a  base for craft cocktails.

Vin Cotto ($12):  Bibiana is running a special for the 25 days of Christmas Cocktails and today, they are featuring a warm cocktail with red wine, Concerto (homemade digestive with 27 spices, coffee, and barley) saba, dry fruits and nuts.  Mixologist, Francesco Amodeo, has some fantastic cocktails featured all month including house-made biscotti liquor.  So good!  

Did I miss some other spots around town that are serving warm cocktails?  If so, tell me:

Photos by Emily Clack and Kristen Finn

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