Thursday, January 12, 2012

25. Dollars. Per. Chocolate.

The French profess that the key to a good life (and staying thin) is to feast on small portions of highly flavorful foods, including sumptuous post-dinner chocolates.  The Swedes have apparently mastered this philosophy with Emanuel Andren chocolates, which boast the most undeniably complex, perplexing, and ultimately satisfying combination of chocalate-ness ever put into one square inch.  And at $98 for 4 pieces - well, it will keep "the 1%" of you who can afford to experience this lollapalooza in your mouth nice and thin.

Opening a box of Emanuel Andren is like opening a box to an iPod - sleek, minimal, beautiful.  And once inside, the reward is Apple's equal.  The Dark Rum chocolate?  Rummier than Rummy.  Whisky Laphroaig?  Smokier than Johnny Blue.  Zino Platinum Cigar?  I wouldn't trade it for a Cohiba. 

Gents, if there's a special someone you'd like to impress this Valentine's day, may I just say "Emanuel Andren."  And ladies, if you are on the receiving end of one of these special little boxes, I don't have to tell you that it's a pleasure worth repaying. 

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Trevor said...

No chocolate is worth $25 per praline/bon-bon. Yes, these are difficult to make due to putting what sounds like pate de fruit inside, and I find liquid centers to be a pain as well. You would do just as well to pick up chocolates from Maison du Chocolate, Mr. Chocolate or something from Payard.

Or me. Corey, you should know my chocolates and baked goods were quite well known over there.