Monday, January 23, 2012

Zabb Revamps the Menu

I recently made my third visit to Zabb Modern Asian Restaurant.  Zabb is zabb zabb (Zabb means delicious in Thai.  You only use the word if the food is really really good)!  We used this phrase a lot during our visit to Thailand.  You can't beat their amazing happy hour. 

If you haven't been yet, Zabb is located in the space that was formerly Straights of Malaysia, across the street from Lauriol Plaza.  
They have a fantastic patio to sit outside and enjoy dining and people watching in the spring, but their main level dining room is also very nice.  
We started with the Lobster Potstickers ($7).  These fried dumplings are served with a tasty soy sauce.

Don't miss the Royal Noodles with Lobster ($19).  You'll find a hefty portion of fried lobster over a bed of noodles and sauce similar to Pad Thai. 
I'm a huge fan of the Avocado Salad with Blue Crab and Lobster.

Emily enjoyed the Spicy Conch Salad ($9) with noodles made out of cucumbers. 
 If you want something a little different, opt for the Thai sausage for a spicy, tangy treat or the foie gras sushi.

If you are an adventurous eater, try the shrimp ceviche with a mango salsa.  I haven't seen it prepared this way before, but it was actually very flavorful.
 The Yummy Roll is named correctly.  It is so yummy!
 We got a taste of the sushi platter and it was all wonderful.
 The mango sorbet and the kiwi cream are both satisfying ways to end the meal and cleanse your palette.

They have everything going for them, great location, experienced owner, excellent all you have to do is go in and give them a try.  I know I'll be back again soon.
Amazing wine list by Andrew Stover.
Photos by Emily Clack

(202) 299-0399
Dupont Circle
1836 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

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