Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eat with Your Eyes: Kentucky Burgoo

Is your mouth watering?  You can find this Kentucky Burgoo with Rabbit, Squab and Lamb at America Eats Tavern on Wednesdays for $36At America Eats, Jose Andrés has composed a fascinating menu where each item tells a story of classic dishes and the people behind them. Burgoo was originally the porridge served to English sailors, until French Jaubert transformed it into a meaty stew while serving the Confederate general John Hunt Morgan.  Originally made with blackbirds and squirrels, Kentucky Burgoo is still served to large crowds on Derby Day. 
The talented culinary team under Andrés’ direction is led by Research and Development Director Ruben Garcia with chefs Aitor Lozano, Terri Cutrino, Robyn Stern and America Eats Head Chef Paul Yeck. The research and storytelling is also found on the wine and cocktail menus crafted by Andrés with Lead Bartender Owen Thomson and Beverage Manager Jen Fitzsimmons.  Get in soon because America Eats is only open until July.
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Photo by Corey Then 

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