Thursday, January 26, 2012

Congrats to the Sugar and Champagne Ticket Give-Away Winners!

Are you an animal lover?  You can't miss the 11th Annual Sugar and Champagne Affair on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Drum Roll Please... The Winners of the #sugarandchampagne give-away are Audra Heagney with her pup Darcy and @Amber McDonald and Meanie!

Here's how to enter:  

and share the contest on Twitter: 

That’s it! Contest runs until January 26th and the winner will be announced on January 27th.  If you don’t have Twitter, like our facebook page, and tell us your dog's name in the comments below to enter.

We got to preview some of the sugary treats last week at Todd and Ellen Gray's Muse at the Corcoran.  

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with Caramel Corn from Founding Farmers was delicious.  Sticky Fingers, Watershed and Equinox also showed off some tasty treats.  

Mixologists from Graffiato and the soon to be opened Bandelero were shaking some fabulous cocktails.  Hope to see you at the event!
The Washington Humane Society’s 11th annual dessert and champagne reception honors our local crusaders against animal cruelty: Washington Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement Officers, Animal Control Officers, and Humane Educators. This celebration of all things sugary and sweet, showcases the DC area’s most talented pastry chefs. Enjoy delectable confections complemented by some of the world’s finest sparkling wines. 

Photos by Kristen Finn


Audra said...

Sugar and Champagne is a great event! My dog's name is Darcy!

Capital Cooking said...

Thanks for entering!

Tom said...

Why does it have to be dogs? My cats, Grendel and Milhous, demand recognition!

Capital Cooking said...

I'm a cat lover as well. I think they only allow dogs to attend this event.

Amber (@AmberMcD) said...

My dog's name is Meanie. He was born in a litter of 4 boys, nicknamed Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Moe. I got Meeny and the name sort of fit him...but I changed the spelling to laugh about his 11 lb stature!

Capital Cooking said...

Oh, that's so cute. Email me your contact info to reach you in case you win!

Anonymous said...

Great cause and a great event. The name is Chopper, I hope I win!!!! Twitter: @aparnakris

Valerie said...

I want to win, but I don't have a dog anymore :( His name was Beethoven (long before the movie about a dog named Beethoven came out). I hope they have plenty of vegan sweets at the event :)

Lisa Amore said...

Bruno (my adorable red mini poodle) and I have yet to go to Sugar and Champagne! I think this is the year that we need to go!