Monday, May 21, 2012

Delicious Lebanese Cuisine that Travels to You

By Viola Bello

If the thought of what to have for lunch everyday is stressing you out, bid your stress adieu because the Kababji truck has arrived to the District.  Fresh, absolutely delicious, and affordable, the Kababji truck offers the customer the best of the Lebanese cuisine at lunchtime.  The Kababji truck is part of the Kababji Grill restaurant in Dupont Circle on 1351 Connecticut Avenue, NW. 

The menu is divided into Kabab and Rice platters, Pita platters, pita sandwiches, soup, cold mezza and hot mezza.  You can order two cold mezza with each of the platters.  Capital Cooking got a taste at Jill Collins PR's media tasting.  Among the chicken, beef, and lamb kabab and rice platters, I chose the lamb.  There is also a vegetarian option for the vegetarians out there.  Alas, as an Eastern European you cannot go wrong with lamb.  For my choice of cold mezza, I had the Baba Ghannouj and Cucumber and Yogurt.   The lamb was tender and practically melted in my mouth; the Baba Ghannouj was perfectly creamy and a great companion to the pita bread.  The cucumber and yogurt was fresh, tasty and perfect for a hot summer day.  The rice and the yogurt sauce that accompany the lamb are also very tasty.  

The meal overall was not heavy, so you won’t pass out on your desk when you return to the office.  While there are many choices for lunch out there, it is rare to find something that is delicious and inexpensive at the same time.  
Kababji truck offers both every day at the following locations Monday through Friday:

Monday – Metro Center (12th and G Street NW)
Tuesday – Union Station (Mass Ave and North Capitol)
Wednesday – State Department (29th and Virginia)
Thursday – L’Enfant (Maryland and 7th St. SW)
Friday – Farragut Square (17th and K)

In addition to lunchtime, the Kababji truck will also be available at locations on Friday and Saturday nights.  However those nightclub sites have yet to be finalized.  If you are on Twitter, you can catch the KababjiTruck at @KababjiTruck.  

So, stop carrying your lunch on the metro and head over to the Kababji truck for a delicious meal during your lunchtime!  And if you like sangria, head over to the restaurant itself for a cold drink during a hot summer day.



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