Thursday, May 3, 2012

Start Your Morning Right with Breakfast at Blue Duck Tavern

Continental Breakfast Bar 
The breakfast at Blue Duck Tavern takes the meal to a new level, bringing southern inspired dishes, reinvented classics and traditional continental breakfast together in a awe inspiring way.  Your palate will awaken to freshly squeezed, unconventional juices like pomegranate orange juice, or watermelon juice.  Also available is the pineapple-mint juice, which I would drink at any point of the day, breakfast or not.
Pecan Sticky Rolls
I have a recently found, unabashed love of pecans.  The sticky buns with pecans were sweet, moist and chewy. The glaze is reminiscent of the way Gram-ma makes it and lets guests appreciate the southern influence on the dish. The order serves two; I would eat them both myself without thinking twice, enjoying every sugary bite.
Short Rib Hash
I ordered the Short Rib Hash, with poached eggs and a horseradish sauce.  It was everything I was hoping for and more.  The eggs are sourced from Amish farms in Path Valley, PA and are undeniably fresh and flavorful.  The yolk broke perfectly, adding to the olive oil and horseradish sauce, covering everything perfectly creating a wonderful rich creamy bite that finished with a tangy kick from the horseradish.  Short ribs add great flavor to the dish and complete the savory profile.

Brioche French Toast
The brioche french toast is for people, like me, who prefer their breakfasts to be on the sweeter side.  Served with Bliss maple syrup, a pure syrup aged in oak barrel casks for several months before bottling, this is no ordinary french toast. Amazingly, brioche bread pudding is pressed into slices and baked, preserving the pudding texture.   Garnished with fresh fruit, this is a breakfast lover's dream.

On the sides menu are great, sharable, options like the grits with smoked Gouda, fingerling potatoes and smoked bacon rashers.  It's a great way to round out the meal with different flavors of sweet and savory.  I would suggest going hungry because the options are endless and sure to please everyone from your family visiting from out of town to the early morning business meeting.  Blue Duck Tavern's breakfast will be a don't miss experience!

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