Friday, May 11, 2012

Thinking of Drinking: Ted's Bulletin's Cocky Yamazaki

I recently visited Ted's Bulletin in Capitol Hill to try out one of their new Spring cocktail creations.  I was lucky enough to taste the Cocky Yamazaki, a concoction by mixologist George Menold.  George was tasked with constructing a refreshing whiskey drink that would cool Ted's patrons down in the warmer months, perhaps to be enjoyed at one of their outside tables.  By combining the Yamazaki with ginger and mint liqueurs and using a barrel aging process, George has cleverly transformed this obscure Japanese Whiskey into a cool-to-the-taste cocktail perfect for spring!


1 oz Yamazaki
½ oz Domain de Canton
¼ oz Fernet Branca
½ oz Coriander-Ginger syrup

Mix the Yamazaki, Domain de Canton and Fernet Branca and age for three weeks in a once charred American oak barrel, stir over ice and finish with ½ oz coriander-ginger syrup.

Coriander-Ginger syrup:
Yield: ½ gallon

½ gal. water
3 ½ c. sugar
1 oz. chopped ginger
4 Tbsp. whole coriander

Boil all ingredients for 15-20 minutes; add sugar; strain.

It's not just the mixology that stands out at Ted's Bulletin, I fell in love with the retro decor and was immediately reminded of the soda shops from decades past.  I will definitely be back for  more of Ted's Bulletin's Spring cocktails series and to try the famous Adult Milkshake, pop tarts and breakfast served all day!

(202) 544-8337
505 8th Street Southeast
Washington, DC   20003


Mkgoldma said...

You sold me Cista!!! Ted's Bulletin is on my "go to" list for this weekend. Thanks for the deets!!!

SJNelson said...

Add to the list of places to go when we return to DC... thanks!

Capital Cooking Show said...

They're opening a new location on 14th Street too!