Monday, September 17, 2012

Around the Globe: Simms Steakhouse in Denver

This past week I visited Denver and thought that while I was in town, I should hit up a steakhouse since when I think of the Rocky Mountains, I think... BEEF.  I decided to go to Simms Steakhouse to sample their happy hour menu and enjoy the view.  They had an awesome patio seating area overlooking the city.

It was breezy, sunny afternoon so I decided to start off with their raspberry mimosa.  The mimosa was light and refreshing but a little bit on the sweet side. 

As the sun started to go down, I got a little chilly and moved to the back half of the patio which has fire pits surrounded by comfy sofas.  It was toasty warm and quite enjoyable near my fire so I ordered a glass of wine to settle in.

By this time, I was getting hungry so I ordered the Deviled Eggs Three Ways--bacon and ranch, wasabi and Thai chile, and ancho and remoulade.  The eggs were fantastic!  I like spicy foods, so my favorite was the wasabi and Thai chile but honestly, each flavor pairing was done so well it was hard to decide...

For my "main course," which was still off their happy hour menu, I opted for the Simms Steakhouse Sliders (aged Angus beef with caramelized onions, cheese and truffle aioli accompanied with shoestring fries).  Now, I'll be honest, I am not a huge fan of burgers.  In fact, I rarely eat them (I'm a hot dog girl myself) but lemme tell you, these sliders were to die for.  The truffle aioli made the dish and I was impressed.  In fact, I ate every one of those sliders. Pretty big thing for a hot dog girl and I felt a little bit like a traitor.

The inside decor of the restaurant was absolutely stunning.  Very chic and bold.  If I were in Denver another night, I would have gone back to eat inside and order from the full menu.

The only disappointing aspect of my dining experience at Simms Steakhouse was the service.  I had about three servers waiting on me over the course of my meal because they were busy and I got traded off when one server had to do a banquet and then traded off again when the bartender got busy.  It was difficult to figure out who I needed to give my order to and for a nice restaurant like this, that should never be a problem.  I understand places get busy and the kitchen can get backed up, but covering tables should not be an issue.  I'm going to chalk that misstep up to a fluke. 

Regardless of the service, the food and the atmosphere were amazing so I would definitely recommend going to Simms Steakhouse if you are in Denver... a wonderful steakhouse with an amazing patio dining experience. 
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