Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Overview: Scofflaw's Den Cocktail Classes

By Ashley Eames
Capital Cooking Contributor

There are some basic life skills that everyone should learn: know how to do laundry, know how to make at least one signature dish, and perhaps most importantly, know how to make a perfect martini. This weekend I learned just that, in addition to helpful tips on how to stock your home bar.

Marshall Fawley, one of the masterminds behind the blog Scofflaw’s Den, designed his “Home Bartending 101” class to help you understand what tools are really necessary for creating perfectly mixed drinks. By day he’s a lawyer, but on the weekends you can find him crafting delicious cocktails in his 250+ bottle home bar. He is certainly qualified to teach you a thing or two about throwing a fun cocktail party. 
 “To impress your friends, good technique paired with high-quality ingredients are always the way to go. Creating exceptional drinks aren’t that different from cooking a well-made dish – starting out with the right ingredients will usually produce better results.” – Marshall Fawley

In this class we learned how to make a classic martini and the perfect daiquiri. With the right tools and ingredients these recipes are foolproof. Can’t spend a lot of money on high-end liquor? Marshall recommends just buying the ingredients for your favorite drink first. Become an expert on making that one drink. From there you can branch out, trying a different gin or adding bitters to create new drinks without a large up-front investment. 
Classes are held on select Saturdays at the Green Pig Bistro in Arlington. The cost is $65 per person and includes three cocktails that complement the week’s class theme. For more information, visit

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