Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Around the Globe: Wild Goose with Apple Vinegar Gravy

On our last day in Sweden, we stopped for a visit in Malmo.  We were greeted by the lovely Mia Klitte to experience A Slice of Swedish HospitalityWe met Chef Andreas Larsson and went shopping at the Green Market to gather the ingredients needed to prepare dinner.  Mia graciously hosted us at her home to prepare the meal.  Below you'll find one of the recipes that will be featured on Capital Cooking.

 Wild Goose with Apple Vinegar Gravy

4 Goose Breasts
Chicken skin

Split the breast in two. Salt and pepper. Wrap in plastic film and foil.  Boil in a pot until it reaches 62 degrees Celsius and let it rest. Before serving take off the plastic film and add salt and pepper. Cut the meat just before serving.

Take the skin of the chicken and put some oil in the pan, roast it until it has a nice color and is crispy. Let the oil soak in to some paper. Put salt on and chop roughly. Sprinkle on to the meat just before serving

Apple Vinegar Gravy
0,5 dl apple vinegar
1 dl apple juice
2 dl chicken stock
1,5 table spoon syrup
4 leafs of fresh tarragon
½ garlic clove, slightly crushed
salt and pepper
1 table spoon of butter

Boil apple vinegar, apple juice, syrup and the stock  to half together with garlic and tarragon. Put in some butter. Taste, salt and pepper. Filter.

Serve goose on top of wild greens.

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