Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Taste: Trademark

This place has some of the best bar bites around.  

My mouth was watering as I sunk my teeth into the candied bacon.  So good!  
I loved the pretzel nuggets dipped in maple, apple, onion mustard and chipotle cheese.  Such a great way to whet my appetite for the rest of the comforting menu.

The Cuban Trade Mac n Cheese was my favorite.  Chef Matthew Miller's playfulness shined through with the cute fried pickles, tangy sauce and tasty ham.  Loved it!  The Lobster Trade Mac was also good, but took second place up against such a delicious peer dish.

Starting to feel stuffed?  Yes, but I can always make room for fantastic food.  The generous portion of pork and beans is the real deal.  You can taste the freshness of the beans in bbq sauce under the huge juicy pork chop.  
I liked poking my spoon into the top of the seafood potpie.  Can't go wrong with large chunks of lobster and shrimp.

I can always squeeze a little more room in for dessert.  The hard apple cider float was worth it.  Imagine cinnamon ice cream, caramel and hard cider poured on top... hungry?

Not only was the food yummy, but Christopher Bassett served up some awesome cocktails.

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Trademark combines stiff drinks, clever cocktails, thoughtful sustenance and ingenious atmosphere to create Old Alexandria's signature meeting place. A warm and inviting gathering place, Trademarkfeatures a spacious interior which boasts intimate dining nooks, large community tables, a private dining area and an expansive bar.  Trademark offers classic American fare with a modern twist featuring traditional yet innovative classics that are both approachable and exciting. Trademark's menu features an extensive selection of shareable starters, salad, sandwich and entrée options.Trademark also features one of Alexandria's most exciting beverage programs, offering a comprehensive selection of unique craft beers and wines, anchored by a cutting-edge mixology program. For more information, please visit or

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