Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treats for your Sweet

Give the gift of Rhuby the rhubarb liqueur made in Sweden.  The pink color is great for the occasion.
Be mine!  This Valentine's Day, show the one you love that their special with these gifts. Happy Valentine's Day!

Custom designed petits fours from Three Tarts
I love port.  This one is amazing for Valentine's Day because it is delicious and PINK.  Goes great with dessert.
Ladies:  Camus VS Elegance is a great gift for your man.  Cognac is classy.
I love the gift of coffee on any occasion.  Camus just launched their new line and it is hot, rich and strong.  (I like my men the same way)

Fonseca Bin No. 27 Reserve Ruby Porto is perfect for the beginning of your Valentine's Day meal to be paired with cheeses.
Super cute Valentine's Day Cookies from Toute Sweets  (photo by Emily Clack)
This Butterfly Kiss Sampler is super cute!
Celebrate the evening with a bottle of Halter Ranch Cotes de Paso

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