Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Taste of Sweden at Capella Georgetown

By:  Jennifer Duff
Capital Cooking Contributor

It is not everyday that an Embassy flies over executive chefs from Michelin star awarded restaurants in their country so we can enjoy their cuisine, culture and story for the week.  Lucky for us, the Embassy of Sweden did just that for this Thursday and Friday only, offering a pre-fixed three course lunch ($38) or six course dinner ($88) featuring pure, fresh Scandinavian cuisine in a luxurious setting at the Capella Hotel in Georgetown. 

We had a chance to sample some of the dishes from the guest chefs which included anchovies with a crisp bread dill topping, oysters with a grapefruit foam, mackerel in a cucumber-infused base, scallops, and silky, smooth cubed pate with a crunchy coating.  My favorites included the anchovies (pictured above) and the oysters.  The freshness of the fish paired with bright ingredients like dill and grapefruit really made the dishes shine (and left me hungry for more!).

The ambiance at the Capella Hotel in Georgetown was the perfect setting for a Scandinavian celebration, simple and clean lines on the rooftop deck gave way to gorgeous views of the Potomac river and the Kennedy Center.  The pool area on the deck gave a sense of fluidity and freshness to the party - it was breathtaking.

During the evening we learned and came to appreciate more about Scandinavian cuisine, culture and perspectives from the guest chefs, Hans Boren (28+) and Johan Bjorkman (Kock and Vin) and executive chef, Jakob Esko.

Each chef spoke about the origins of Scandinavian cuisine complimented by their insights about what goes into each dish--a focus on simple and light food, quality ingredients that represent the best of what Sweden has to offer, and a reflection of Swedish history with preserving and pickling of food.  It was wonderful to hear the passion and connection back to culture and food to bring people together. 

So if you are thinking about a trip to Sweden or want to broaden your food cultural background (or just want a great deal for lunch!), be sure to make a reservation over at The Grill Room at the Cappella Hotel to celebrate Scandinavian cuisine brought to you by outstanding Swedish chefs!

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