Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Recent Obsessions

I try new products all of the time. It is rare that I find true new gems that I'd recommend to others. Here are a few of my new favorite items that you should check out:

Modernize your dining experience with the revolutionary Knork! Flatware.  I love this stuff and have the full set for our show.  The utensils have a great feel. 
This chocolate is so good!
It just melts in your mouth!
Sparkling Ice is an awesome mixer for cocktails.
Zoe's Chocolate delivers sweet treats!
Tonewood maple seasoning is delicious on summer squash and also pork chops.
This hummus is both delicious and healthy.  Eat Well Enjoy Life is my new favorite snack!

Bai is a fun low-cal drink that is a great alternative to coffee.

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