Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Best Pizza in DC

Where can you find the best pizza in DC? I asked the writers of Capital Cooking for their selections.
Comment below to let us know yours!
Lauren's Pick:  Red Rocks-  I love this place.  The sausage and caramelized onion pizza is my fav.
Mickie’s Pick:  2 Amy's -- Authentic Italian pizza and phenomenal cured meats.
Melinda’s Pick:  H and Pizza- Sometimes I eat there 7 days a week.
Jennifer's Pick: Pizzeria Paradiso- excellent pizza and fantastic beer selection
Kathy's pick - Comet Ping Pong . Great pizza and you can play/watch ping pong while sipping on beer while you wait to be seated
Rachel’s Pick:  Mellow Mushroom 
Amanda's pick: Pupatella- authentic and delicious.
Tom's picks -- I'm with Mickie, 2 Amy's never disappoints for the thin Neapolitan pizza.  Plus they have the best cannolis around.  But for thick crust, try Pi on F Street.  It's the best thick-crust pizza around.

Photos by Lauren DeSantis, Emily Clack and Kristen Finn

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