Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Celebratory Night at The Grill From Ipanema

There is something to be said about a restaurant thriving in DC for the past 22 years.  Obviously they are doing something right.  And that is definitely the case at The Grill From Ipanema.  Named after the Grammy Award winning song, Girl from Ipanema, the restaurant located at 1858 Columbia Road in Adams Morgan, is the only authentic Brazilian restaurant in town.   It is a family owned and operated restaurant and specializes in the best culinary experience with the well-known Brazilian Spirit of hospitality.

I recently attended a private dinner at the restaurant to check out the space, enjoy delicious authentic Brazilian cuisine and try some fun Brazilian cocktails and wine. The dinner started off with refreshing caipirinha's and famous Brazilian cheese rolls made with tapioca and cheese.  

Once the group sat down for dinner, the dishes kept flowing.  The dinner consisted of 12 courses, and we had the opportunity to taste everything from chicken, cod fish, and black bean croquettes to baked tilapia filet with shrimp sauce, a chef's spin on Paella, and a Brazilian traditional fish stew.  

All of the flavors were familiar yet very different.  Every dish had a specific taste, and the flavors, although very different, blended together well.  It was a great way to sample a variety of authentic Brazilian dishes, learn the history behind them, and mingle among foodies.  

Brazilian food has strong roots and  flavors that come from Africa, Europe, Asian, and other parts of the world.  There is history behind each dish, and the restaurant is committed to offering the best culinary experience to guests so they can experience the traditional Brazilian cuisine served in different parts of Brazil.

The dinner finished with an absolutely decadent Brazilian chocolate bonbon-melted with vanilla ice cream and peanuts.  

The dinner was not only delicious, but also celebratory as the executive chef was awarded membership into the Chaine de Rotisserurs, which is an international gastronomic society devoted to fine dining and preserving the camaraderie and pleasures of the table.  

It is an honorable society that is invitation only.  It was a fun way to enjoy a memorable and celebratory evening as well as learn about the delicious Brazilian cuisine at The Grill From Ipanema.  

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