Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Zentan Launches Summer Class Series

By, Courtney Konkel

This past Saturday, Zentan kicked off their summer class series.  The restaurant will be holding weekly chef and bar orientated classes.  The first class featured Chef Yo and focused on the art of making sushi.

The class was an absolute blast!  We began with a glass of the chef's favorite Saki, as well as a glass of traditional Japanese iced-tea.  The iced-tea was flavored with basil and was unsweetened and decaffeinated.  Both were delicious!

After settling in, Chef Yo and Chef Lin demonstrated how to make "maki" rolls, which are the traditional sushi rolls we have come to know and love.

While showing us the art of making sushi, Chef Yo talked about the culture around sushi.  One interesting fact he shared is that women are generally not allowed to become sushi chef.  This is because while making sushi the warmer your hands are the harder it becomes to perfect the art of making sushi.  Women typically have warmer hands and therefore are not allowed to become sushi chefs.

After watching a couple different techniques of sushi making, we were off to make our own! Chef Yo and Chef Lin worked individually with the class.  Each person had a place-setting accompanied with seaweed, sushi rice, spicy tuna, blue-fin tuna, salmon, cucumber, tomago (sweet egg), and a pickled carrot.

The art of making sushi was a lot harder than I though.  After attempting to make a couple different rolls, I had a new appreciation for sushi.  It is a very delicate process that require patience and creativity.

At the conclusion of the class, Zentan presented everyone with their own apron, bamboo sushi-matt, and of course plenty of carryout boxes to take home our delicious homemade sushi.  We were also then invited to the rooftop of The Donovan Hotel to enjoy a drink on the house.

Zentan kicked off their summer class series with a bang.  everyone had a fun time and learned something new.  Their classes are a definite go-to if you are a foodie or just looking for something fun to do!

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