Thursday, January 12, 2017

Around the Globe: The Barn in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I still dream about my trip to Thailand.  The flavorful food left a lasting impression on me.  The food in Chiang Mai doesn't disappoint.  Our Asia World tour guide took us to the Barn House Restaurant inside the Eco Lodge.

We got another taste of the Tom Yum Goong (sweet and sour shrimp soup).  We were told that Thai people normally eat it with rice.  Then we had something a little different. 
They brought out Thai chicken wings with a fish sauce for dipping.  The wings had a delicious herbal flavor. 

For the main courses, we tried the beef in an oyster sauce, chicken curry and mixed vegetables. 
For dessert, they brought out more fresh fruit and some traditional Thai desserts including some coconut banana leaf jellies and bananas wrapped in coconut.  We washed it all down with some Chang beer.  While this wasn't our top meal in Thailand, the food was good and the atmosphere was rustic and inviting. 

The rain didn't let up so we decided to get more rest for the big day of elephant riding and white water rafting.  I love Thailand!

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