Friday, April 27, 2018

Thinking of Drinking: Two & Two

District Distilling, located in the bustling U-Street corridor, will be offering a layered shot for Derby Day. It's called the Two & Two, to tie into the $2 Million payout awarded to the horse and jockey who wins the 2 minute race. Its made from a combination of District Distilling’s Embassy Row Creme De Menthe with Backroom Bourbon layered on top garnished with a mint leaf and will be available throughout the day on Saturday, May 5th. Its priced at $5.

1 oz of Creme de Menthe
1 oz bourbon

Pour in creme de menthe and then carefully layer bourbon with a bar spoon on top. Garnish with a slapped mint leaf.

By deconstructing a particular cocktail, you work on each spirit separately and present it separately too. But, the taste and the balance of the ingredients in the cocktail is maintained as that of the original. The style also adds a different dimension of experience for the senses, be it with the visual or the taste or the finished cocktail.

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