Saturday, June 16, 2018

Safeway: Your One-Stop-Shop for June Celebrations

June, the time of the year for graduation festivities, prom planning, celebrating dads, weddings, and summertime cook-outs. I never think of June as a holiday month, but I have come to realize I am either hosting or attending an event every weekend in June. With a busy work schedule, the idea of running to multiple shops to buy gifts, food platters, desserts, decorations, cards, florals, fresh meats, and alcohol….. sounds like a nightmare. 

It was so nice that I could walk into a Safeway and find something for everyone! A cake for my cousin’s high school graduation, a greeting card and balloons for my dad, champagne for girls’ weekend, floral arrangements for my younger relative’s prom, fresh steaks, seafood, and burgers for our pool party, even a teddy bear for my niece’s kindergarten graduation…I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to make an extra stop. I left the store with everything I needed for my June festivities—plus all of my groceries—under budget!  


Safeway offers giant deli sandwiches, attractive food platters, incredible dips (including my fave…guacamole!!), made-daily hot meals, and tons of fresh meat and local seafood. For party planners and goers, you can easily find tons of snack foods, alcohol galore, party décor, and beautiful flowers at their full-service floral department. Safeway also has an awesome bakery department—so forget about spending an arm and a leg at a specialty bake shop. 

I always hated running around town to shop for miscellaneous food and gifts I needed. Safeway made it easy for me to get everything I needed without breaking the bank—and the Safeway in Georgetown even has a full-service Starbucks inside, so I got my coffee-craving treated as well. Thanks Safeway—I’ll be back in July for your 4th of July specials! 

Safeway Locations in Washington D.C.: 

Safeway 4th St SW 
Open until 12:00AM 
1100 4th St NW 
Washington D.C. 20024 
Store Phone: 202-554-9155 

Safeway Maryland Ave NE 
Open until 12:00AM 
1601 Maryland Ave NE 
Washington D.C. 20002 
Store Phone: 202-398-6903 

Safeway Corcoran St NW 
Open until 12:00AM 
1701 Corcoran St NW 
Washington D.C. 20009 
Store Phone: 202-667-6825 

Safeway Columbia Rd NW 
Open until 12:00AM 
1747 Columbia Rd NW 
Washington D.C. 20009 
Store Phone: 202-667-0774 

Safeway Wisconsin Ave NW 
Open 24 Hours 
1855 Wisconsin Ave NW 
Washington D.C. 20007 
Store Phone: 202-333-3223 

Safeway Alabama Ave SE 
Open until 12:00AM 
2845 Alabama Ave SE 
Washington D.C. 20020 
Store Phone: 202-575-7525 

Safeway 40th St NE 
Open until 9:00PM 
322 40th St NE 
Washington D.C. 20019 
Store Phone: 202-397-2802 

Safeway Georgia Ave NW 
Open 24 Hours 
3830 Georgia Ave NW 
Washington D.C. 20011 
Store Phone: 202-722-4023 

Safeway 14th St SE 
Open until 12:00AM 
415 14th St SE 
Washington D.C. 20003 
Store Phone: 202-547-4333 

Safeway Macarthur Blvd NW 
Open until 12:00AM 
4865 Macarthur Blvd NW 
Washington D.C. 20007 
Store Phone: 202-337-5649 

Safeway L St NW 
Open 24 Hours 
490 L St NW 
Washington D.C. 20001 
Store Phone: 202-719-2435 

Safeway Connecticut Ave NW 
Open Until 12:00AM 
5545 Connecticut Ave NW 
Washington D.C. 20015 
Store Phone: 202-244-6097 

Safeway Piney Branch Rd NW 
Open Until 12:00AM 
6500 Piney Branch Rd NW 
Washington D.C. 20012 
Store Phone: 202-723-5644

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