Friday, August 17, 2018

Thinking of Drinking: Turbo Mojito

This is the most popular drink at Barcode and once you try it, you'll see why.  Barcode is one of Taipei's hottest night clubs and Bryan Wang showed us one of their secret cocktail recipes that keeps people coming back for more.  The Turbo Mojito has a kick, so be careful!
4 large seedless grapes
1 cup of fresh mint, loosely packed
1 ounce lime juice
1 ounce simple syrup
2 ounces Clément V.S.O.P. Rhum Agricole Vieux (or other aged rum)

Add grapes and mint to the glass.  Add lime juice, simple syrup and rum.  Muddle to infuse all of the flavors.  Stir well.  Fill with ice and top with Champagne.   Garnish with a lime wedge and more fresh mint.

Photos by Kristen Finn

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