Monday, July 2, 2012

Brunch Done Right: The Federalist

I'm a fan of brunch, but I usually cook my own at home on the weekends.  When I do go out, I look for spots that offer dishes that will blow me away.  I'm not looking for average food with a great atmosphere... I want delicious brunch food!

I was completely impressed with my brunch at the Federalist.  ($35) Chef Harper McClure goes above and beyond with his menu.  He offers a communal table with an assortment of salads, soups and his seasonal specialties to start off the meal.  The table is elegantly decorated with the charm of a farmers market.  The assortment changes every week.  You'll find house cured salmon, fresh berries, Boudin Blanc with housemade mustard, cucumber and Greek Yogurt salad, white gazpacho, raw farm vegetables with lavender butter, confit chicken salad, and asparagus salad.  Is your mouth watering yet?  The communal table has enough offerings to make a full meal, but you have to save room for the entree and dessert flight.  

After filling up my plate with the amazing communal table delights, I headed back to the table for coffee and the bottomless cocktails ($20).  I found a basket of warm buttery biscuits and  homemade strawberry jam at the table.  I tried one of each:  the Brandy Milk Punch, Bloody Mary and Mimosa.  I'd highly recommend the Brandy Milk Punch.  You don't see it on many brunch menus, but it is a perfect breakfast cocktail (like drinking milk with alcohol).

I was already quite full, but we had to make room for the main course.  Corey tried the Malted French Toast, with fried plantains, milk chocolate, and banana milk.  So good!  I went with the Eggs Benedict: House made buttermilk biscuit, poached farm egg, braised jowl bacon, Hollandaise sauce, arugula salad, skillet potatoes.  If you like Eggs Benedict, you'll love this one because the eggs are cooked to perfection and the buttery biscuits are a great alternative to the standard English muffin.

At this point, we weren't just full, we were stuffed!  However, the dessert flight was on the way out.  This is why I'm doing the Insanity workouts.  I just can't turn down delicious food.  We tried a delicate panna cotta with fresh fruit and homemade chocolate chip cookies with milk.  You will not leave hungry and should be good to go until dinner.  

All in all, I'd highly recommend checking out brunch at the Federalist.  Fresh food, creativity, bottomless cocktails... Perfection!

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Will said...

Late breakfast/brunch yesterday at the glamorous new Postscript----the Duck Confit Hash with fingerling potatoes was so good!

Lauren DeSantis said...

Sounds yummy!  Haven't tried Postscript yet, but I need to soon!