Thursday, July 5, 2012

Taiwan: Taipei International Food Show

After eating our way through the menu at Din Tai Fung, we headed over the the Taipei International Food Show to discover some of the hottest new products in Taiwan. 

It is essentially an Asian Fancy Food Show and even more crowded than the DC show.  We tried lots of wine (all of them were sweet). 
One of the strawberry wines brought me back to my high school years drinking Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill. 

Other plum liquors were similar to grappa.  We also tasted some strange things such as yam powder.  The whole show was a little overwhelming after feeling jet-lagged. 

I got a kick out of seeing some USA products... especially when I saw Miami wine.  I didn't even know Miami made wine (avocado, mango and lychee).  Although the wine was too sweet for my taste, they said it would pair well with Asian dishes.  Either way, I think these guys are brilliant for going to Taiwan to market to a captive audience that loves that type of taste.
After getting our fill of new tastes, we headed back to the Sheraton Taipei for a quick dip in the pool before joining Walter Yeh, Executive Vice President of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, for another meal of heaping proportions.   

Photos by Kristen Finn

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