Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eat with Your Eyes: Patio Picnic

Is your mouth watering?  This Fried Chicken has been soaking in Buttermilk and Seasoning for days, then fried up to a crispy crunch goodness.  PS7’s Patio Picnics are fully stocked with all the goods you’ll find in a summer picnic basket.  Don't worry... you can dine inside and stay out of the heat! 

Executive chef Peter Smith and his team are swapped the white tablecloths for the red-checkered version.  You'll love the personalized picnic baskets, stocked with your choice of two sides at lunch [and plumping it up to three sides at dinner,] including heaps of Potato Salad [chef de cuisine Andrew Markert’s family recipe,] jazzed up Pasta Salad, creamy Coleslaw, Deviled Eggs, and fresh baked Cornbread and Biscuits.  

Quench your thirst from the heat and wash it all down with a mason jar full of sun-drenched Iced Tea, juicy housemade spiked Summer Punch, or fruit-blasted Sangria.  

Continue the cooling effect with Chef Peter’s Tropical Shaved Ice, layers of fluffy hand cranked ice drowned in a variety of house made syrups. Ours was topped with rum, yum!  

The sweet finishing touches from pastry chef Lauren Whitledge come in crunchy Cookie and chocolaty Brownie form.  

Offered daily at lunch, dinner, and to-go throughout the summer.

PS7’s Patio Picnic
Lunch: $19 per person [2 sides]
Dinner: $27 per person [3 sides]

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