Thursday, July 19, 2012

Menu Revamp: Pound the Hill

After first introducing its Bistro concept a little over five months ago now, Pound the Hill debuted a few new summer menu items.

Summer menus can typically be split into two categories of summer BBQ and summer salads, or items that will match the summer's heat, and items that will make you temporarily forget how hot it is outside via a refreshing treat.

Pound the Hill introduced several tasty options in both categories, which I had the opportunity to sample at a preview tasting.

The items made to match the summer's heat included:

BBQ Sweetbreads with Pepper Hash
Even with a standout sauce, being more a of a summer salads person, I was immediately drawn to the raw baby corn, a wonderfully refreshing addition to the BBQ Sweetbreads

In the Summer Salads category, or more accurately described, chilled food category, the following menu additions can be found:

Heirloom Tomato Ceviche Tart
A little more liquid in consistency than I was hoping for, this Ceviche Tart still packed a nice punch of flavors with the addition of lemon, orange, and grapefruit

Snow Crab and Summer Melon Composition
Served with white béarnaise sauce made with olive oil in place of butter

Apple-Endive Salad
This is the type of simple salad that I look forward to every summer, with a little bit of juiciness provided by the fruit, and a little bit of crunch provided by the walnuts

Chilled Berry Stew
Served with cornbread topped with Boursin Cheese, this is a fruit, cheese and bread platter taken up a notch. Chef Taub informed us that he juggled between listing this dish as an appetizer or dessert before deciding to list it as an appetizer. If this was listed as a dessert, it would be the only dessert I wouldn't feel guilt about ordering

Whether you choose a warm or chilled dish, make sure to pair it with one of Pound the Hill's wide selection of boutique wines, available at $8-12 a glass.

The Bistro at Pound the Hill opens at 5 pm daily after quickly transitioning from its coffee shop/cafe service which is open until 4 pm daily.

Reservations for Pound the Hill's Bistro can be made online at
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