Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taiwan: Kenting

After a full day of eating in Taipei, we took the Taiwan High Speed Rail down to the Zuoying Station.  The train goes about 200 mph and got us down to the bottom of the island in about an hour and a half.  From there, a driver picked us up in an air conditioned van and we drove to Kenting. 

Kenting offers beautiful beaches and unique wildlife.  We stayed at the ocean front Chateau Beach Resort.  When we arrived we were greeted with sandwiches. 

I inquired about having a beach cocktail.  Apparently, they weren't familiar with it.  After several attempts, they brought out something with kiwi that resembled an island drink.

The hotel had great views, but the hallways were filled with a musty smell.  Also, there were some strange cultural differences. 

You must have a swimming cap to enter the pool.  We obviously didn't have swimming caps with us, so that was somewhat disappointing. 

Then we realized that they wouldn't allow us to enter the ocean without a flotation device.  So, we really only got to get in the water twice at planned body board lessons. 

The limited time on the body board was a blast! 

The hotel offered a buffet assortment of seafood and other Asian dishes. 

Food was average, at best, but pretty standard for a beach resort.  It was nice to get to the beach, but I wish we had more time to relax.  We whisked through in a day.  Maybe next time we'll get to stay longer and enjoy.

Photos by Kristen Finn

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