Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taiwan: Taipei Fish Market

For our last stop in Taipei before heading to Taoyuan International Airport to return home, we stopped by the Taipei Fish Market. 
This place is like a Whole Foods that specializes in everything seafood.  

The selection was quite impressive with live fish from all over the world.  

You'll also find fresh produce, cooked food...
seafood barbeque, household goods and more.  

There is even a hot pot restaurant upstairs with beautiful copper pots on each table.

James Chang of the Mitsui Group showed us around as we filmed our last segment.  

Inside the fish market is a sophisticated sushi restaurant called the Addiction Aquatic Development.  
This standing restaurant offers the freshest seafood around.  We feasted on lobster, crab, oysters, uni, shrimp, scallops, eel, and more.  
We washed everything down with canned sake.
This place is totally hip and definitely worth a visit.  
Maybe someday they'll open a sister spot in the US.  Until then, visit Taipei!
Photos by Kristen Finn

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