Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recipe: Flaming Bananas

More rum recipes for National Rum Day.  Celebrate by making Les Bananes Flambees.  Who doesn't love flaming bananas!?

4 bananas
1/3 Cup Sugar
4 T butter
Orange Zest
Juice of ½ lemon
½ cup dark rum
Splash of vanilla
Garnish: toasted almonds or toasted coconut

Split bananas in half lengthwise after they are peeled. Bring skillet to medium-high heat. Roll your bananas to coat in sugar. Add butter to the pan to melt and then add bananas. Zest the orange on top. Add a splash of vanilla. Flip the bananas once you get some color. Deglaze with lemon juice. Pour in rum and ignite by touching a match to the pan’s edge. Baste bananas until flame dies and transfer to serving platter. Continue to cook the sauce for a bit and then pour on top. Sprinkle with garnish.


Diana Bauman said...

Kudos to you Lauren! Lawyer by day and host/producer by night, Amazing! I'm so excited to start following you and all that you are pursuing!

Capital Cooking said...

Thanks Diana! My husband is from Iowa (Dubuque). Congrats on your Food Buzz awards!