Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Around the Globe: Beet and Apple Salad

On our last day in Sweden, we stopped for a visit in Malmo.  We were greeted by the lovely Mia Klitte to experience A Slice of Swedish Hospitality

We met Chef Andreas Larsson and went shopping at the Green Market to gather the ingredients needed to prepare dinner.  Mia graciously hosted us at her home to prepare the meal.  Below you'll find one of the recipes that will be featured on Capital Cooking.
400 g small beets                         
3 dl organic apple juice     
2 tablespoons brown sugar                 
150 grams fresh chopped apples
80 grams fresh currants (optional)
5 fresh sage leaves, chopped
Salt and pepper

   Boil the beets in slightly salted water (about 20-30 minutes).  Peel them when they´ve turned soft. 

  Return beets to a pot and simmer in apple juice and brown sugar.  Continue to simmer until the apple juice turns into a syrup.  

   Core the apple, keep the peel and divide into large pieces. Add apple in after everything is almost ready for about 2 or 3 minutes.  Toss in sage leaves at the end.   Add salt and pepper to taste.  Garnish with currants. 

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