Monday, August 13, 2012

Around the Globe: Cod Carpaccio

During our time in Sweden, we stopped off for a visit to the water tower in Ystad to cook with Chef Olle Ahnberg.  Chef Olle showed us how to make his Cod Carpaccio with shallots, olive oil, lemon and parmesan.  This dish is simple and delicious.  Enjoy!

Serves 4

120g filet of fresh cod without skin and bones
1 dl olive oil
1 lemon
4 shallots
8 radishes, fine slices
100g parmesan cheese
sea salt
black pepper from pepper mill
thick plastic sheets or clingfilm

Place the cod between plastic sheets and bash it until it´s really thin.  Freeze the cod about 30 minutes. 

Make the dressing:  Finely chop the shallots and mix with olive oil and lemon juice (add some zest from the lemon if you like , it gives an extra boost).  

Take the cod from the freezer and cut it in to pieces that will fit your plates.  Work fast and the cod will be easy to work with when it´s still frozen. 

Let the cod defrost on the plates and add some sea salt, black pepper, add dressing, radishes, cress leaves and some grated Parmesan on top. 

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