Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cheers to Beer: No-Li

What was formerly known as the Northern Lights Brewing Company has now been renamed and re–branded No-Li Brewhouse. No-Li will produce 22-ounce bottles as well as draft brands in three styles that are an extension of Spokane and the culture of World Expo ’74 that energized the local economy: Born and Raised IPA, Crystal Bitter and Silent Treatment. 

Silent Treatment: Northern Lights Brewing Company was re-invented as No-Li Brewhouse when an East Coast brewer began using NLBC beer names. “We approached this East Coast brewer about a solution and their lawyer gave us the silent treatment – no return phone calls, e-mails or certified letters!” said Bryant.

Born and Raised IPA:  A salute to each of us that were raised in Spokane and countless hometowns across America and returned back.

Crystal Bitter Pale:  Honors the historic Crystal Bitter Laundry, which had to be torn down to make room for Expo ’74.


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