Monday, October 1, 2012

Around the Globe: Brunch in Charlotte

I love a good brunch, and I especially love brunch when I'm visiting another city and have the whole day to relax and enjoy the sites.  So while we were in Charlotte this past weekend, I looked high and low for a good brunch to start my Saturday off right.  Lucky for me, we found an excellent brunch close to our hotel at the Dandelion Market.

No brunch is complete without bloody mary's and mimosas, and Dandelion Market had an awesome bloody mary bar with a bunch of different hot sauces, spices and vegetables (served in mason jars) to pick from to make your own.  I guess this sort of assumes you know what you are doing when it comes to making bloody mary's, but we cheated and used a cocktail app on the phone to get different bloody mary recipes to try out.

I ordered a mimosa, which was the perfect way to start off my morning along with some southern style biscuits that were brought to the table served with honey, jam and butter.   These homemade biscuits were wonderful to snack on while waiting for breakfast--light, fluffy and delicious.

For my breakfast, I opted for the Mesa - eggs scrambled with sausage, tomatoes, onions, cheese and  jalapenos served with homemade salsa and warm flour tortillas.  And, since we were in the South, I also ordered a side of grits (I couldn't go down South and not eat grits!).  The Mesa was served in a cast iron skillet and it was awesome. Good, hearty comfort food to fuel me for the rest of the day.  I couldn't finish the whole thing, but it wasn't from lack of trying!

The grits were a good side dish with the Mesa, topped with Parmesan cheese.   I might have tried to doctor it up with some hot sauce, but I have a thing against cold grits and I wasn't going to take any chances to wait for hot sauce and have the grits get all nasty.  So they were good just as they were.

Overall, I had a great brunch at the Dandelion Market.  A Southern style breakfast in Charlotte with good service and great drinks in a relaxed setting.

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