Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Celebrate the Election with Cake Pops

The election is almost here and Baked by Yael, an online bakery based in Cleveland Park, is sweetening the final stretch of a bitter campaign season. Baked by Yael is offering limited edition election cake pops through Election Day.  I got to try them first-hand and I can tell you that these pops are moist and delicious!

The patriotic cake pops form the American flag and come in three delicious flavors, American Dream Cookies n’ Cream, Rock the Vote Red Velvet and Cast Your Ballot Birthday Cake. Each pop is a luscious morsel of moist cake, which is mixed with frosting then hand-dipped in a soft candy coating. The pops are priced at $2.75 each, $39.95 for the 12-pop flag basket, or $145 for a 48-pop flag display. Orders are customized based on customers’ flavor preferences.  All orders can be placed by visiting bakedbyyael.com or by calling 202-480-9235.  So sweeten up your next debate watch party with some festive cake pops.

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