Monday, October 29, 2012

The Georgetown Waterfront is Back In Action

By: Jennifer Duff
Capital Cooking Contributor

It's official -- Tony and Joe's Seafood Place and Nick's Riverside Grill are back on the scene after nineteen months and $4M in renovations to restore the restaurants after flooding in April 2011.  The fresh and sleek design of the restaurants is coupled with a new chef, Chef David Stein from Bistro St. Michael's on the Eastern Shore.  New digs and new food signals a new era for the Washington Harbour in Georgetown and calls for a celebration.

The Cibel family hosted a grand re-opening party to showcase their gorgeous new space and tantalizing menu items. The redesigned layout of Tony and Joe's is spacious and airy with lots of windows to be able to appreciate the view of the Kennedy Center, downtown DC and the Potomac River.  Simple and focused, the design emphasizes the magnificent views that draws a crowd to the waterfront area.

Photo Courtesy of Best Bark Media
The restaurant also offers an extensive bar area with a great selection - perfect for happy hour or enjoying a drink after a show.

Nick's Riverside Grill is a cozy alternative and lovely compliment to Tony and Joe's.  Building on the airy and spacious concept, Nick's has an open floor plan with a chic decor -- rich, bold colors and contemporary art work that serves as a focal point in the room.  Together, these restaurants exemplify the perfect 'ying and yang' for the Georgetown Waterfront.

The soiree featured highlights from their fresh seafood-focused menu including their renown crab cakes, smoked salmon, crab legs, tuna wasabi, fresh oysters and scallops.

The crab legs were excellent -- perfectly steamed, peppered, meaty and delicious when paired with the honey mustard dipping sauce.  The presentation for the smoked salmon was awesome, the little "ice cream cones" were a fun serving option for the salmon topped with cracked pepper and horseradish cocktail sauce.  The seared scallop skewered with tasso ham and red pepper was yummy - flaky and light with a little bit of spice.

But the star of the menu was Tony and Joe's specialty -- jumbo lump crab cake served with fresh tartar sauce.  This crab cake ball had huge chunks of crab meat held together by doughy bread that melted in your mouth.  It tasted like a combination of a crab cake and fritter, broiled to perfection.  Amazing and rich with flavor. 

Photo Courtesy of Best Bark Media
 Tony and Joe's and Nick's Riverside Grill have stepped it up a notch.  They have taken what they have done well - seafood - and enhanced their menu, redesigned their dining experience and accentuated their exquisite views of Washington, DC.  In addition, the Georgetown Waterfront area now boasts a fountain musical light show and ice rink.  The ice rink will be open in November 2012 - perfect for an afternoon outing of fun overlooking the Potomac this holiday season. 

 Be sure to make a trip down to the Georgetown Waterfront to enjoy delicious seafood, fantastic views and a memorable dining experience at Tony and Joe's or Nick's Riverside Grill -- and enjoy some al fresco dining while the weather still warm!   

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