Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Around the Globe: San Jose del Cabo’s Art Walk

Renowned for its pristine beaches and fabulous spas, the rich culture of Los Cabos has made the destination an ideal choice among sophisticated travelers and talented artists alike.  

Jacobo Turquie gave us a tour of the the historic art district of San Jose del Cabo.  
I was so impressed by the unique style and vibrant colors found in the Mexican art.  
The historic and charming town of San Jose del Cabo has become a mecca for art galleries and  prominent artists to showcase their wares throughout the many galleries and studios. 

Private art galleries that dot the charming streets of San Jose del Cabo entice both leisure travelers as well as art lovers who have sought out Los Cabos as the perfect destination to shop for both international and local art.
Exclusive to San Jose del Cabo is the Thursday evening Art Walk, complete with a taste of local cuisine and special wine pairings, perfect for art enthusiasts looking to experience original paintings and handcrafted sculptures. 

The Art Walk takes place every Thursday night in San Jose’s historic art district, from 5 pm – 9 pm during the months of November – May.

There's also many fun restaurants and bars to stop in for a margarita along the way.  We loved Mi Cocina, La Panga and Salsitas.  

What a great way to stroll down the cobblestone streets sipping vino and viewing some amazing pieces!  If you haven't been yet, Cabo is a must-go destination.
Photos by Emily Clack

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