Thursday, October 11, 2012

Around the Globe: Cabo Dolphins

One of my dreams finally came true in Cabo, Mexico.  
Ricardo Santos gave us the background about the Cabo Dolphin facility.

We just got back from filming Capital Cooking's Cabo Adventure and we shot one segment swimming with dolphins.  Trainer, Cesar Moises Cordero Reyes, gave me some tips on how to get the dolphins to show off their talent.
My dolphin was Ukalite and she was super sweet.  

She did tricks.  

I got to learn how to train her.  
I pet her.  
She gave me a kiss.  
We danced.  

She gave me a ride.  
She gave me a high five.
We had a blast.  
For anyone who likes dolphins, don't miss the swimming at Cabo Dolphins.

Photos by Emily Clack

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