Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gorge Swing at Victoria Falls

3, 2, 1... aaaaaah!  The Victoria Falls Bridge crosses over the Zambezi River just below Victoria Falls between Zimbabwe and Zambia.  

You can't go to Victoria Falls without jumping off the bridge.  Nothing quite as thrilling as risking it all by stepping straight into a gorge attached only to a hanging cable and knowing that only five weeks earlier the rope snapped as a woman bungi jumped in the same spot.  

After an amazing night on Sindabezi Island, we woke up early for a tour of the Falls.  We got soaked and then did a tandem jump that we'll never forget.  Yes, I was screaming while Corey made no sound until the initial catch of the cord, when he burst out gratitude for his life.  The gorge swing is a must-do at Victoria Falls.  Don't miss this adrenaline rushing experience!  (Jump first, apologize to your loved ones later.)

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