Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Around the Globe: Moyo

On our second night in Jo’burg, after relaxing in the Saxon all day (we couldn't tear ourselves away from the outstanding service and spa), we were treated by the Saxon with a bottle of champagne delivered to our room at 4:00.  

Kevin and Barbara again met us in the outdoor terrace and we let the bottle go to our heads.  We then headed off to Moyo, which specializes in traditional African cuisine from a variety of countries.  We walked through a dark plaza, as Jo’burg was suffering an electricity blackout emblematic of a rapidly developing emerging market.  Moyo’s kitchen was luckily run on gas and using only candlelight actually enhanced the experience. 

Corey ordered ostrich, which was tender and wonderfully flavored, like the springbok not gamey but rather rich and delicious.  
I had an Ethiopian dish, which unfortunately was not my favorite.  So let’s just say that if you go to Africa, try ostrich.  With our bellies full, we headed back to the Saxon for a good night's rest before taking off to Sabi Sabi in the morning.

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