Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tujatane Tongabezi Trust School Touched My Heart

After a relaxing stay at The Saxon and an amazing safari in Sabi Sabi, we didn't think it could get any better. We took a quick flight from Kruger Airport up to Livingstone, Zambia, and made an unexpected trip to the Tujatane Tongabezi Trust School.
Tujatane was set up to help educate some of the local children in the area who come from underprivileged backgrounds.  It began in 1996 with only 15 Tongabezi staff children and now has over 200 students.  The children from Tujatane come from families with no running water and generally live in one or two roomed mud huts.  Tujatane runs purely from donations collected from donors around the world.
These kids touched my heart and I left a donation for them at my departure.  I'd love to find them more funding.  Every dollar makes a difference to these kids.

$5 will buy a years supply of books for 1 child.
$10 will feed a child breakfast and lunch for 1 month.
$20 will allow a child to receive basic treatment from the hospital in town.  
$750 will sponsor a child for a full year and covers the teacher's salary, basic classroom materials, books, electricity and water.  

If you're interested in making a difference, check out their website and contact Vanessa to learn more.

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