Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunset Boat Ride in Zambia

After arriving in Livingstone, Zambia, we visited Tujatane Community School, enjoyed a late lunch along the river, dropped off our belongings to Sindabezi Island and hopped back into the boat for a sunset ride. 

Minutes after asking our guide Ronald about the last time he had a hippo sighting, we came across a school of seven in the middle of the Zambezi. 
We started snapping away until we realized that one had ducked under water and started chasing our boat. He was literally in kill mode leaping out of the water with tusks showing. 
I had no idea how fast hippos could swim. 
I’ll admit, I was shaken a bit before we sped into the deeper waters to safety.
My adrenaline was still pumping during the rest of the ride.  When we got to a deeper spot of the Zambezi and looked up at the sky, it was absolutely breathtaking.  

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